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The Greatest Mistake We Make Motivating Others – Especially Our Kids

┬áMr. Page was short, built like a brick house and sported a tightly groomed black mustache that put a signature on his authoritative presence. He was that special kind of teacher you both feared and loved. A favorite of mine …

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The Best Way to Improve Your Child’s Sports Performance

In college, every practice is filmed and not a single drill escapes the video camera lens. This leads to some embarrassing and even hilarious moments in the meeting rooms where players and coaches go through the practice video together. However, …

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Are You Exhausting Your Kids and Crushing Their Potential?

I can remember sneaking out of my third grade class during a math lesson and into the library where I ducked between rows of bookshelves to hide myself. As I settled into the privacy I sought, I finally released the …

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