Why I’m Here

Why this blog?

Hi, I’m Marshall Foran, and it is great to be here with you. This blog is, above all, intended to create harmony in the lives of parents and youths who take time to read the thoughts, strategies and principles shared within it. But wait, isn’t this site all about achievement and reaching for higher levels of personal performance? Yes, however, I do not view achievement as an egocentric journey where becoming the best means crushing the competition, whatever or whoever that might be. It’s not about “them”, it’s all about you. Stepping into our best is a matter of harmonizing with our natural abilities and then honing those abilities carefully and constantly. However, we cannot accomplish the latter without harmony in our relationships, family lives, thoughts, diets and the way we interact with the world. Those who sacrifice all of that on the alter of achievement will find themselves draped with a gold medal of pain. Think of the heroic gladiator who stands victorious for a moment before an adoring crowd, but leaves the Colosseum floor a prisoner to the Roman Empire and promptly locked back in a jail cell. This metaphor represents the pervasive win at all costs mentality and the idea that being famous is the greatest good – it’s a trap and, unlike the gladiator, a self-imposed prison. I have a completely different view of achievement and a path to reach it.

It is my intention to meet youth and parents in a unique place where both can read and benefit individually, yet find information that aligns and harmonizes their relationships for greater success on the journey they share.

Your Wingman,


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